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Error status 400 from industrial.api.ubidots.com

I am new to Ubidots and using the Particle Device to send data to Ubidots uisng webhooks apparently i get this error and i also dont know if we should add the particle device in the Ubidots cloud other than just creating a webhook from particle console ?

@jotathebest Can you help me when you have time, I am using the basic example to it still it doesnt work

Greetings @dilip, hope you are doing great!

It would be helpful to us if you could give us more information to debug in order to help you with your issue, something like:

  • what specific device are you using
  • A piece of the code that you think is failing

Answering to your question, once you make the HTTP request to a device, I.e. send data to it, the device will be created automatically if it doesn’t exited before, so there is no need to create it on Ubidots before sending data to it.

Hope this will help you, and if it doesn’t, feel free to reach back to us.
-Juan David-

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