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Error trying to create token on ubidots STEM

I’m using ubidots STEM on Google Chrome. I’ve already successfully created and used 1 new API token; however, my understanding is I should be able to create 3. When I attempt to create a second token, nothing happens after I hit the green check mark. No error is given, and no token is created. I suspected this may have been related to the other limits on the STEM accounts, so I waited 24 hours after turning off all my devices before trying again, however I am still unsuccessful at creating a second or third token and I am not sure why there’s no error or notification to explain what’s happening.

Hi @drukawski.

In the STEM plan, you are indeed limited to only one token with a rate limit of 4 requests per second. If you wish to create additional tokens or require a higher request rate, you would need to upgrade to a Professional plan, as shown in the image below.

We hope this clarifies the situation. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the upgrade process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.

I’m confused by the following areas of your website.

Is your intent that 3 devices share one token? Or have you changed your policy without updating your website?

Never got a response to my follow up question.

Hello @drukawski,

As my colleague Isabel said, STEM accounts are only able to use 1 API token. Our limit of 3 (which is given in our website) is related to the quantity of devices you are able to create. You can use the same token for sending data to your 3 devices.