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Esp32 Micro python connection Issues

I’m trying to connect an Esp32 to Ubidots using micro python and seems to be delivering the data, Ubidots cant see it shown in the devices list.

Any ideas why its not showing the device in Ubidots?

Here is a sample of the code I’m using.

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Hello @Jtswa

It appears that your account was disabled for some reason, but I have reactivated it. Could you please confirm if the MQTT transmission is functioning as intended now?

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I am also having the same problem. I used to send the ESP32 data to the Ubidots. But last 2 days I can’t do this as I done before. Whenever I create a new account it sent me the verification mail and after activated it is showing me popup that “activate the account” again !. I seen some of other topic related to this it stated “The problem is from the development team and moderator reported to them” what is the status and still it was not solved.

Popup screenshot is attached below…


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Hi @alejomora7

I deactivated it as I wasn’t sure if the issue was related to the account, as it was an older account I hadn’t used for a year. I have since recreated the account and the MQTT transmission is logging the information from the esp32 perfectly.


Hello @Jtswa.

Perfect! Great to hear that.


Hello @users,

Our development team has deployed some new features that has resolved this problem with STEM accounts. Could you please verify?

I’ll be attentive.