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ESP8266 as telemetry unit with the Arduino MEGA as logger

Dear Ubidots’ users,

Since the ESP8266’s firmware was updated by the library’s provider and AT command’s baud speed was upgraded, the old version of this library didn’t work properly with the Arduino Software Serial library, because Ubidots’ library used to use the virtual ports and AT high baud rates, the new firmware produces noise and the communication couldn’t be set between the ESP and the Arduino using only a written code in an Arduino Sketch.

To solve this issue the Ubidots’ Team decided build a new library of the library without using Software Serial Library. The ESP8266 is used as telemetry unit with any logger(micro-controller) connected via hardware serial port, to get a better a idea how the library works please reference to the documentation of the library, also you can reference to the article below:

The Ubidots’ team work hard every day hard to give the best to the users! :smiley: :blue_heart:

All the best,
Maria C.