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ESP8266 device does not connect to Ubidots

Hello everybody. I am only using the ESP8266 module that I program directly from the Arduino IDE, downloaded the libraries and installed the necessary board configuration. Copying some examples verbatim, I have been able to, at most, show the temperature of an LM35 (which I read from the ESP8266 ADC) in real time on my pc screen on the device’s dashboard in Ubidots. However, I have never been able to make the dashboard buttons work through device variables. Sometimes I have had to change the Token of my Ubidots for the one of the device (in the arduino IDE code) to send the data, although in the first attempts I made it worked with the Token of my Ubidots. Going back to the buttons, these do not even toggle, that is, it is as if the interface was not manipulable.

If someone offers me their help, I will gladly show them the code and the console messages to help me understand what is going wrong.

Currently I copied an example code that came with the same library “UbidotsMicroESP8266.h”, and I have modified it following a tutorial, but now neither the buttons nor the temperature measurement work on the board.

I deeply appreciate your collaboration

Please follow this tutorial to get a functional example to create both subscribe and publish routines in your device, then just adapt it to your needs.

All the best