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Event and alert notification email

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing well. We have configured notification events and alerts with white label emails, but unfortunately the results have not been the expected. We follow the instructions given in the following link. The emails received are from Ubidots not from our organization.


Helllo @IoF ,

Thank you for reaching out to Ubidots.

We’re glad you’re exploring our white-label features. Please keep in mind that the device triggering the event and the event itself, need to be assigned to the same organization. Could you please verify the previous information and let me know the result?

Best Regards,
– Maria Camila

Hi Maria Camila,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I have followed your indications and our project is working. I would like this opportunity to ask about the possibility to send data from Ubidots to other application (like Power Bi) with white label. We are using the get method, but unfortunately our results show the url with the name of ubidots. Could you give some clues o share some type of information about my issues?

Best regards,

-IoF Team