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Event using a Variable and a Dashboard Button may need initial value?


I’m using Ubidots + a TTS server + Dragino gateway to monitor an AirBnB house for unauthorized visitors.

To control alarms/events, I make a button in a dashboard AND connect it to a variable called “Occupied”.

Then I set an event that says: If NOT Occupied ( zero ) AND door is opened - send an SMS

However, after I did this, the alert did not send. I went and opened and closed doors and nothing happened.

To get it working, I had to CYCLE the Variable from UnOccupied ( 0 ) to Occupied ( 1 ) and back to UnOccupied.

At that point, the event logic started working.

This makes me think that for NEW variables, the event logic may need to be primed. Of course I can do this simply, but for more complex events, or events overall - people don’t expect to have to do this.

Hello, @marlanw

Thanks for reaching out,

What you describe is the intended behavior of events, in order for an event to trigger the variable monitored must be in a back-to-normal state for the event to be triggered again. Please check this article where we explain in more detail how events work in more detail. Thank you for your comments and contributions to the community.



Hello Santiago - I have a dashboard and an event trigger setup that should have triggered today and it did not. In my account you will find an event called " 707 WMain - Cabin Alerts" that should have triggered and it did not.

Is this something you can look into and see what could be happening?