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[FEATURE REQUEST] Programmatic Selection of DeviceID in Dynamic Dashboard

In an HTML canvas widget, is it currently possible to programmatically select the deviceID of the selected device in a dynamic dashboard? I’d like to insert a tag of some kind inside the JS code of the HTML canvas widget that will automatically insert the selected device in the code.

Greetings, right now it is not possible but we already have in our backlog to add these kind of functionalities in the near future.

All the best

Thank you @jotathebest!

Perhaps you could answer a similar additional question:
In the JS code of an HTML canvas widget, is it possible to programmatically compare data to an Ubidots access token simply by referencing the name of the access token? This way, the value of the access token needn’t be exposed in the source code of the widget, and access to sensitive data could be protected.

Hi there, not now but in the incoming features for the HTML Canvas that I shared with you is already included the ability to access to a token from your account inside the widget, with this, the token will not be exposed.

All the best

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