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[FEEDBACK] Realtime Charts Timezone

It seems that for charts that use date/time for the X-axis, the time zone is the one used by the computer/browser that is rendering the chart. Is there a way to set a fixed time zone? I would like to use UTC time for charts regardless of the time zone in which they are displayed.


Hey Larry (@W6LVP),

You can fix a time zone in the profile section of your Ubidots account.

To do this, select your profile image > My Profile > My Accounts > Preferences > Time zone.

Maria H.


Thanks for the info. Changing the account time zone does change the X-axis time zone on the computer where the dashboard is running. However if I share a graph, it seems that the X-axis time zone is the one set by the computer where the graph is shared. I was hoping to be able to set the X-axi time zone to UTC for anyone anywhere.


Hi there, actually that is not possible, public dashboards will always plot values in the user’s browser time zone. I will add your feedback to our feature requests queue for future releases. Keep in mind that this does not forbid to users inside your apps to set a custom time zone to plot their values using any Ubidots widget.

All the best