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Flood Detection System Project Using IoT

Hello All, I am working on flood detection system project and looking for source code of this project. Basically, This project natural calamities like floods cause a lot of damage in many countries almost every year. The flood detection system that predicts floods well in advance is a great project that can also help in preventing huge loss of property life and other valuable assets. The system monitors and detects different environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, or water level for prediction and alert generation to minimize the loss. I have taken this project information from here but can’t find the source code yet. Can anyone know about this?

Hello @ankitdixit,

Referring to the link in your note, I can see that effectively, the source code isn’t available. However, I don’t see any reference that the project is from Ubidots, so I’m hesitating what would be the relation of it with us and our community forum.
So far my understanding is that the project isn’t ours, so the source code is beyond our reach, maybe try contacting with the website owner.