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Fona808 sim card problem

Hi, I bought a Fona808 shield for my arduino, I bought a sim card with 4G, and run the sample program and here is the output I got:
FONA basic test
Initializing…(May take 3 seconds)
Attempting to open comm with ATs
—> AT
—> AT
—> AT
<— ⸮
—> AT
<— AT
—> ATE0
<— ATE0
—> ATE0
<— OK
—> AT+CVHU=0
<— #*VCC⸮⸮FU: 1
—> ATI
—> AT+CPMS=“SM”,“SM”,“SM”
Found ???
<— ⸮
Module IMEI: ⸮

[?] Print this menu
[a] read the ADC 2.8V max (FONA800 & 808)
[b] read the Battery V and % charged
[C] read the SIM CCID
[U] Unlock SIM with PIN code
[i] read RSSI
[n] get Network status
[v] set audio Volume
[V] get Volume
[H] set Headphone audio (FONA800 & 808)
[e] set External audio (FONA800 & 808)
[T] play audio Tone
[P] PWM/Buzzer out (FONA800 & 808)
[f] tune FM radio (FONA800)
[F] turn off FM (FONA800)
[m] set FM volume (FONA800)
[M] get FM volume (FONA800)
[q] get FM station signal level (FONA800)
[c] make phone Call
[A] get call status
[h] Hang up phone
[p] Pick up phone
[N] Number of SMSs
[r] Read SMS #
[R] Read All SMS
[d] Delete SMS #
[s] Send SMS
[u] Send USSD
[y] Enable network time sync (FONA 800 & 808)
[Y] Enable NTP time sync (GPRS FONA 800 & 808)
[t] Get network time
[G] Enable GPRS
[g] Disable GPRS
[l] Query GSMLOC (GPRS)
[w] Read webpage (GPRS)
[W] Post to website (GPRS)
[S] create Serial passthru tunnel

and I cant even get the SMS number for the SIM:
—> AT+CMGF=1
Could not read # SMS

Please help me I am stuck.

Hi there, please reach directly with the Adafruit support engineering team as your issue is related with the GPRS module itself rather than with Ubidots.

All the best