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[FOR REVIEW] STEM account response

Thanks for clarifying the situation. I understand and respect your need to limit the demand on your system for a free service. Let me answer your question first then ask one.

I don’t have a problem logging in to my account - just displaying data on widgets.

Since the data posting problem is not solved, I will not be using the Chrome reload which is a third-part extension. It must be manually started so no problem if I don’t do that.

Suppose that I generate data that creates 2,000 dots daily and present all of that data in a widget. If I have a browser running (without any reload) displaying just one widget, would the daily dots out be 2,000? What if I had two widgets running that both display all of the data? Would the daily output now be 4,000 dots out? What if I have two browsers just displaying the same widget still using all 2,000 dots in, would the dots out be 4,000?

I am trying to understand what determines the dots out count.