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[FOR REVIEW] STEM account response

I have a noncommercial requirement that your STEM account is a good fit for. However, I do need reasonably real time response. I define real time as with no more than a minute delay. My primary data representation mechanism is a line chart widget. Quite often it is necessary to manually refresh the webpage to get data updates and in some cases I get an error message from your server saying the response is taking too long.

If I upgrade to a paid level of service, will this issue be resolved?


Greetings, your report seems to be related with your connection rather than with your license type. Stem users have limits for dots ingestions, platform features and so on, but dashboards and devices information should be retrieved without caring the license type, would you mind to try in using a 4G connection or in another network or PC?

I will be attentive to your answer

I’d like to share as well a guide that explains all the characteristics and features supported by Ubidots STEM.

Maria H.

Here is an example.

This first image is from the Dashboard with that PC connected to the Internet via a cable modem.

This data updated correctly.

Here is another image for a shared webpage:

These images were captured at 13:50 local time. The data is updated every 6 minutes.

The second image is from a different PC connected via a hotspot on my cell phone. I have two other examples on other PCs connected via cable modem on different browsers that did not update their data and still now at 13:57 still show that last data at 13:27. If I refresh these browsers, the data will update correctly.

Here is the link:


I found two interesting comments in the comparison of your STEM and standard offering:

Projects aimed at commercial or industrial applications should utilize the advanced development tools and reliability of the core Ubidots platform, even in prototyping phases.

Shared server and computational resources across all STEM users. Speed and reliability based on total platform requests at any given second.

I am complaining. As a free service, Ubidots STEM is great for many people. I would like to see my data posted quickly and reliably. Will your Ubidots service be a better solution for my requirements?

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Hi there, I have tried to reproduce your public link issue without success using one of our testing account, may you share with me your ubidots username so I can debug directly in your dashboard and account?

About your stem question, to maintain our tech environment health, stem users share resources. We would really like to have a higher infrastructure for this kind of account license, but there are limits that we just actually can’t overpass (support team, DevOps team, server’s costs, etc). Besides of this and the shared resources across the stem platform, we do not wish that users experience a very low reliability and that is why I am attending cases like yours to know if we need to improve a certain platform free feature; but if you are looking for reliability, I would strongly advise you to go for the paid service instead of the free one.

I will be attentive to your username to further analyze your issue.

All the best

My username is W6LVP.

I have found that using the Chrome reloader extension which enables automatic webpage refresh is an acceptable work around until you can resolve the issue.


I created a trial paid account with username lvplummer to compare with my STEM account. For the trial paid account, I am seeing the following behavior.

I created a line graph to display data. A stream of real-time data is uploaded with the period between data points ranging from 2 to 6 minutes. Most of the new data points are displayed correctly. Sometimes a data point is not displayed but then following points are correctly displayed.

If I refresh the browser, all of the data points including the ones that were missed earlier are now displayed correctly.


Here is an example of what I described earlier. Here is a screenshot showing a missing dot:

Here is the same chart after only refreshing the browser.

Here is another similar example. New data completely stops appearing. It seems to occur on the top of each hour. Again after refreshing the browser, the missing data is displayed.

Hi there, I let a selenium script executing during the day and could reproduce the issue with your account:

These screenshots show that everything was fine at the script begin

but after an hour, I could notice that the real time stopped

The issue seems related with the JWT authentication using public links, I have just shared this with our dev team and we hope to deploy a patch that solves it in the incoming days.

I will keep you posted about the solution.

All the best

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Thanks for your update. I am please to know that you were able to reproduce the issue and it is being addressed. I hope you will let me know when the fix has been implemented.


Has there been progress made on this issue?


Hi there @W6LVP, the bug is already addressed but there is not an ETA to make available the solution. I will update this post once the DevOps team deploys the patch that solves it.

All the best

Have you solved this problem? My work around is to use the Chrome reload feature which I am guessing your service then counts every dot downloaded for each refresh. That is causing my account to download over 500, 000 dots per day.

I hope you will solve the underlying problem so that data will be correctly posted. If you can’t solve the problem, then you need to remove your limit on dot downloads so that I can use my browser refresh work around.


Greetings, the issue was solved some time ago, it seems that this ticket somehow got lost in my to do list to answer.

About your question of dots limits, to maintain ubidots STEM for free we cannot remove them, dots in/out are something that comes with a cost for us not only in data storage but with data management and stream to/from our servers. This is something that is actually paid by Ubidots, so we need to maintain them under a limit that allows us to continue supporting educational and personal projects.

All the best

I now understand that your servers will correctly post new data without me having to refresh the browser and add to your server data demand. Will I be able to use my account? Do you enforce the dots in and dots out limit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?


One other issue. You are reporting that I have 70,000 synthetic variable dots out. How can that be when I don’t have any synthetic variables?



Ubidots enforces the dots in and out limit in a daily basis at 00:00 UTC. At that time, the count resets and it starts over.

I’ll investigate what that 70,000 synthetic variables dots out mean but in the meantime I recommend, based on a few tickets I’ve read from you and this one too, to avoid the Chrome automatic reload extension, that increase the dots out count considerably.

Following up, to better understand the current real-time issue (if any, not clear to me if this is still an issue for you because as advised by @jotathebest, it was already solved) can you help answering the following:

  1. The real-time update sudden stop is experienced when logged in to the account? or
  2. Is it experienced only from a dashboard or widget public link?

These 2 questions will help us to better troubleshoot, and again, if this is still an issue separate from the dots out count.

At last, I would appreciate to stick to one ticket only per topic. I saw comments from you in other 2 tickets addressing mixed topics, which makes it hard to track and may confuse other community readers. To that end, the 70,000 dots out question will be handle here and leave this one only for the real-time questions.