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[FOR REVIEW] Unable to create global event

I’m working on setting up a global event following this guide. However, when I attempt to select a variable across a device group (instead of an individual device’s variable), I get a blank screen after choosing the variable label.

The device groups and their variables show up properly:

But when I select any of the variables, I get a blank screen:

And the browser debug console says that there are some JavaScript errors:

I’ve tried in both Safari and Firefox.

Greetings, can you provide us your username and the device group label for testing? I have tried to reproduce the issue at our testing account without sucess, so I believe that the issue may be related with your account.

I will be attentive

Sure, username is KerbiRecharger and for the device group label, we’ve tried three: all, main, and sensor.

Hi there, I could reproduce the issue, it seems that when the variable label has a dot ‘.’, the validator throws an error exception. I have just reported this to the development team to be addressed and fixed, meanwhile, you may just delete the dot from your variables’ labels in order to use the device group events.

I will keep you posted once a patch that solves the issue is deployed.

All the best

Thanks—confirmed that this works (renamed my . to _).