Freeze dashboard



When I was working with Educational version, I was told that the freezing was because this platform is shared with other users.
Currently, I upgraded to developer version and the same thing happens.
What I should expect about this issue and how explain to the potential customer this dashboard feature.
Thank you very much.


Greetings, we experienced some issues with our Real-Time engine during the weekend, the development team released a patch that should mitigate this problem, can you gently please check if your dashboards are not working properly. If the issue persists, please contact us through the embedded chat in your account in order to give you assistance faster.

All the best


Hi Jose

Yesterday 9/10 I started the dashboard at 22:14 and was working with no freeze up to 9/11 at 5;13 I get up at 6: 30 and saw some tabla with historical data that show me that.
Thank you


Greetings @Radix, I do not understand very well your message, are you still experiencing issues? If yes, can you gently provide us your username and the dashboard name.

All the best


Hi Jose
Yes, I am currently experiencing issues.
I was sending dots from 22.14 yesterday night and the dashboard froze today at 5;13 in the morning
username: amvnw
Dashboard name : Test_1
I will be testing again during the day.
Thank you