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"GET" an Ubidots data with ESP8266 and an Arduino Mega. Turn on a LED

Hello, I’m doing a project with the telemetry of the Arduino Mega with serial connection to ESP8266,
I already sent data from my arduino to ubidots,but now I want to send data from ubidots to the arduino
I want to turn on an LED of my arduino from ubidots

I didn´t find an example, so i don´t know how to do it
I´m using the follwing link

Good day @JoseAbel,

Thank you for sharing your question with the community. As data only need to be sent when the button is turned on, what you can do, is instead of using HTTP, you can switch to MQTT and subscribe to the variable of the switch, by subscribing you will obtain the value each time a person presses the button. If this value is 1, you turn on the led. For more information, please refer to our Hardware documentation where you will find examples.

All the best,