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Get data from Ubitots by Google Assistant


I’m worknig in a project with Raspberry Pi and Ubidots, and I would like ot know if it posible to get data from ubidots using google assistant. for example, I’d like to say “ok google, what is the temperature value” and get that value.

I’ve developed other project simillar but in it I used the google assistant and IFTTT to switch lights or control analog variable but don’t to get any data.

I would greatly appreciate if you could advice me with it.

Thank you so much,

Cristian M.
Bogotá, Colombia.

Hello @cristian.medinad,

I hope all is good.

Thank you for extending your doubt, in this case, you will need to use IFTTT and create a WebHook trigger that makes a GET request to the last value of the variable in Ubidots. Then, it will be necessary to check with the IFTTT team if it is possible to use the value from the Ubidots response in the Google Assistant response message.

All the best,