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Graph synthetic variables show all month range

I am using synthetic variables with the count function that records the times that my variable has sent value 0, that is ok, but the whole record of the month does not appear in the graph, this is my synthetic expression: where (my variable == 0 , count (myvariable, “1D”)) I tried to use the fill_missing because I need it to show me when this count has been 0, but it didn’t work for me. The graph of the synthetic variable only shows me values ​​from October 05 to October 12, but I need you to show me everything that goes into the month of October
Could you help me? Thank you!

Hello @Lyn,

Thanks for sharing your doubt with the community.

Following up, do you refer to the line chart widget or to the variable graph from the variable view?

In addition, can you please check that the data range selection is being set for the whole month and not only from October 5th?