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Hardware Replacement

I use an ESP32-based data capture device to send data to and from Ubidots. However, my device is failing and I hope I can replace it without having to rebuild my graphs and displays. Is there a way to migrate to new hardware?


Hello, @W6LVP

Thanks for reaching out.

You can migrate the code to new hardware, and as long as you carry on using the same device label, all new data will be integrated into the existing device in Ubidots.

In case you are using our ESP32 Library, bear in mind that you must put that label as the first argument to the send() method, as indicated in our documentation here.


That means that if you currently are not using a device label but the device mac, you should copy the label found at Ubidots, then on the new device’s firmware, add that label to the send method. That way, all new data will show up on the existing device. Does this make sense?

I’ll be attentive to your comments.



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