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Have a STEM account; only received 1 SMS, nothing else after


I just created my account in Ubidots STEM and was very pleased to see how it worked so I decided to hook up my esp8266 to ubidots so it can sense water and sends me an SMS or email. Well, during the demo I received 1 SMS, and I was like “ok it works!, lets more forward”.

Long story short, I setup everything I need to do in my account. I can see Ubidots receives the data from my board live. I setup an working event for this (I tested it with an e-mail) so it sends me an SMS but it didnt send me anything so I checked the logs and it said “*Sms not send to +~~~~~~~~~. Reason: Not allowed event send-sms for user with username ~~~~~~ with STEM Plan*” I am aware I am using a limited STEM accoun but I also read that I can receive up to 10 SMS per month…I have only received 1 and that was the demo.

Can someone explain me why this happened?


Hello @st_rnavarro

Can you confirm that the number you’re entering in the event is either from the US or Canada?


Hello David.

Yes I can confirm is from the US. I live in the US. Like I mentioned in the post, when I went through the demo, i received a text message from ubidots, but nothing when i setup my own Event. I can get it to send me an email but no SMS. The number is not blocked btw.

For clarification, the event SMS number has the country code +1 then the number is 2223333333

Do you know of anyone that can help me?