How can I trigger a Telegram notification push?


Hi, everyone!
My question is simple: how can I trigger a Telegram notification with the alerts system? I read on the website that is possible but I don’t find any documentation about it.
Many thanks!


Hi @Eternyt, you can find the option to send a message to Telegram when you’re creating an event for your variable. It should look like this :smile:



Thanks! I only see this option, but I recheck and Telegram compare . Only one more things, how can I add variable in the Telegram message, for example, if the temperature is less than 0, tell me also how much is the temperature putting the variable in the text.
Many thanks!


HI @Eternyt, could you try again please.

Catalina Meneses.


Sure you can send the value of activation in the message, but first, now are you able to see the option in your account?

You can send the value of activation in the message by adding {{last_value}} where you want to visualize that trigger value.


Now appear!
But I can add all my variable with the {{}} system? For example, I can put a {{myvariable}} and a {{myvariable2}}?


It can just have that information of the variable that is triggering the event. It cannot access to another event or variable scopes.

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