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How do I enter Tilt/SG values for Ispindel?


I’ll continue later but I’ve been calibrating my Ispindel for several hours now…

Looks like I finally made the device visible in Ubidots.

Now I want to fill in the necessary data tilt/SG but can’t find anywhere where to do it, I’ve been working on it for several hours (!) and I’m starting to get more than enough of it.

Can someone tell me (perhaps with pictures) how to do this?

Regards John
The Netherlands

Access the variables by going into Devices->Devices->Select your ispindel

It’s a while since I set mine up but I seem to remember that the variables were there they just didn’t have a name? There’s one for tilt and one for gravity in brix, you just have to work out which is which and rename them. Maybe? I may be wrong. Mine have their names in the API label for the variables if you click on them.

I know I had to do a custom variable for working out the SG from the Brix, and then another for ABV


as I can reason Ubidots would have to find my Ispindle to see what the angle of tilt is like. I understood that I need to take some measurements with different SG value and put that data in a table.

Once this is done the tilt of the ISpindle should display the correct SG.

I just can’t get Ubidots to see the tilt of my ISpindle

My device page looks like this. Yours probably won’t have ABV or SG. Does it not have the other bits?