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How to create an 'I am still alive' event

I have an battery operating device connected over TheThingsNetwork to Ubidots. Besides normal event trigger uses cases I want to use a ‘I am still alive’ feature. The idea is that the sensor transmits its battery voltage every 3 days and an email should get sent by Ubidots.

As I read in documentation the event is triggered once only. So I got an email only once - not as expected each third day.

Is there a solution/idea to implement such heart beat functionality?

Thanks for your help.

Good day @vrees,

I hope all is well,

Please receive our apologies for the delay in replying to your note. Ubidots events engine is designed to send an alert when a variable meets an established condition or when a device is inactive for x minutes. Also is possible to set a repeat event action, to send more than one alert when the condition is still met, but this option has a limit of 50 alerts. I will think on ideas to implement that logic and come back to you once I have a solid answer.

All the best,

Hi @vrees,

Thank you for your patience while I was thinking of a way to create an event that could work for your case. Now, you can create an inactivity event with a delay of one minute. In that way, every 3 days you are going to receive an alert a minute later a data point is received to know that your device is still active. Please let me know if you need additional support.

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