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How to display notifications on dashboard

Hyy guys i am lokeshwar as of now am working on a project called “water monitoring system” in this am measuring water quality using ph sensor if ph values is greater than 7 i have to display “water has high alkalinity” and if less than 7 i have to show " water is acidic ".So how can i do this.

Help me…

Hi @lokeshwar.robo2.

To achieve this behavior I’d recommend to use the indicator widget and set a color logic in such way that when the value is 7 or higher shows a specific message and other if lower.

Please refer to this article to know further.

Tq @sergio
But is there any way to display our text data…

@lokeshwar.robo2, yes, from the color logic of the indicator widget you can the set the text and color to display for multiple range of values. Please refer to the below image.

Hyy @sergio may i have u r instagram id or mobile number i have some doubts so that i can clarify