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HTTP request returning 404 error in HTML canvas widget

I made an http request using fetch, to a devices variable data. The request was successful in my browser, however, it returned a 404 error when I tried to run the same code within a custom HTML canvas widget on my dashboard.

Is this simply a limitation to using the HTML canvas widget or is there something I need to look out for from my side?

Hello @Liv123 ,

Thank you for reaching out to our Community Forum.

If your HTML Canvas is getting a response code of 404 Error (Request not Found), that means that there could be some sort of error on the request parameters. When you say fetch, do you mean a GET request? If so, which request did you code into the HTML Canvas and what are you expecting to retrieve with our API?

For more information on our API for HTTP requests, please visit our API Docs.

I’ll be attentive to your comments.

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