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IFTTT - GET Value using Webhook and pass it to Pushover

I’m trying to GET value from Ubidots and pass it to Pushover but for some reason, I can’t get the value and I’m NOT sure how to pass it over to Pushover.

If I use Postman to GET value everything seems to work and I’m getting my value:

Hello, @codev3rt

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I suggest you place the token in the X-Auth-Token field, even though it works as a query the best practice is to include it as a header.



Hi, thank you for your reply but nothing seems to work with IFTTT.
I tried using X-Auth-Token in different parts of the IFTTT but still no luck.
Obviously it works perfectly fine with Postman:

and Curl:

and here is the IFTTT:

and another example:

and one more:

That is very strange indeed. Have you reached out to IFTTT/Pushover support so they can check on their side? also, Is there any way for you to know what the response of that webhook is when executed?