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Image Integration from IP Camera

Hello, I hope you are well, does anyone know if it is possible to integrate a video image from an IP camera into the dashboard?
I have a dashboard with device data and I have an IP camera but I have to see the images from the app that brings this camera, my client wants to see everything from the app that I generated with Ubidots.
HELP !!!


Ubidots currently doesn’t support IP cameras natively, so they can’t be connected directly to your account.

However, there could be an alternative. Since this is an IP camera, you could connect it to a third-party service such as RSTP.me and obtain from them an HTML code, that later you could embed in an HTML Canvas Widget, where the video stream would be displayed.

Please be aware that:

  1. We haven’t tested this option. We think this could work analyzing the situation where an
    IP camera needs to be connected to Ubidots.
  2. Your IP camera should allow for certain settings as explained in the requirements section from RSTP.me.

It would be awesome to find out how this works out. Please keep us posted if you give it a try.

Best regards,