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ImportError: No module named speedtest

Hi all,

Am new to this platform and just trying to run the project from Test your internet speed using a Raspberry Pi + Ubidots | Ubidots Help Center

on my Raspberry Pi platform and during a test of the ubi_speed_tester.py am getting a score as below:

root@raspberrypi:/# python ubi_speed_tester.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ubi_speed_tester.py”, line 3, in
import speedtest
ImportError: No module named speedtest

Has anyone had a similar issue? I am not expecting an answer with a google search as I already did try to resolve this issue with other forums and guides.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @taurus

Did you already install the speedtest packages ? You should:

pip install speedtest-cli


Thanks for your reply.



thanks for your “help” will swap to another solution… I expected proper help, not like this…

you can close this case

Hello @taurus ,

We extend our apologies for the delayed response. Our Support channel is experiencing a high load of tickets lately.

Could you please share the outcome of the following command?

which python

Also, could you please share which OS and version you are using?

I’ll remain attentive to your response.

Best regards,