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Ingestion limit exceeded message

When i login, i get a message telling me that i have exceeded the 4000 ingestion limit, though checking the usage shows that i have a little more than 200 only.
What can be wrong?

Update on the issue:
It seems that the system has an issue with calculating dots? It shows 0 on 26- jun and more than 8000 for today! Although i am not able to use the platform due to “ingestion limit exceeded” issue!
Something is wrong.
Any help is appreciated.

Found the problem. It was my fault. An error in the code made it send data every few seconds!!
Will check after midnight if everything resets to normal.

Good day @zitron,

I hope all is well,

Please let us know if you continue experiencing any unexpected behavior with the dots out calculation, to investigate in detail what could be the cause.

All the best,