Input text html widget example not working


Hi, im trying to figure out a way to make users edit a text box, in order to put information about the product, (so other users with access to that widget can see the info (there’s no problem if anyone can edit it).

What im thinking of (probably not the best idea) is to create a device that will be just a local device so i wont connect it to any hardware, inside that device create a variable in which i will store that info, then use the HTML canvas to create an input box and send that to the variable and then display it with a metric.

so my first try was just to send a number so i just used the input text html example seen in this link:

but i cant make it work,

i copied all html,css,js code and selected my token and variable id and it doesnt register any changes.

so first of all:
Is there any better ways to use text input,output in ubidots?

and is there a problem with that example, am i doing something wrong?


Greetings, the example works properly and has been tested several times in the past for many users, please make sure that you are filling properly with your TOKEN and VARIABLE_ID the JS code and that you are adding the third party JQuery library:

Please keep in mind that the HTML canvas is intended for developers with JS Knowledge, if you have not developed using it you can also simulate data without hardware as suggested in this article.

All the best


When using your example HTML canvass widget to enter a numerical value into a variable, does the “JS Library URI” field need to contain something?

I’m using your example as is, entered my token and variable ID in the JS section, connected it to the correct variable, but the widget does not update the variable. So I’m wondering if the “JS Library URI” field can remain empty if I use your example, or do I need to put something in there?


The examples from the help center remains mainly in the Jquery library, you have to add it to the third party libraries.