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[INTEGRATION] New Ubidots compatible sensor Hub/Gateway platform, no programming required!

Hi, We have a Hub/Gateway platform that allows you to publish sensor data to your Ubidots dashboards without doing any coding. Instead, the platform includes a built-in object based rule engine so you can configure your IoT edge applications. To configure an application, we provide a configuration tool that allows you to define the objects you want to work with and then use those objects to build a configuration rule-set to be executed at runtime. The platform provides a lot of additional functionality, too much to go into here, but it also includes a full featured MQTT interface allowing you to quickly get your data to any Ubidots dashboard.

The platform was mentioned briefly in a previous Ubidots monthly newsletter and since then we’ve put together a Ubidots specific support page featuring a write-up tutorial based off an example video. You can find the tutorial here -


There’s also a general MQTT example series that includes additional Ubidots examples here -


The platform is free for non-commercial applications and a full working copy can be downloaded at the OmnIoT support page HERE. It is currently supported for Raspberry Pi and Pi Zero/W hardware. If you have any questions or comments please follow up in this thread and we’ll be sure to reply asap. Thanks.

First, thanks to Jose for featuring our post.

We’ve noticed a fair number of downloads originating from the community links so we just wanted to follow up and see how things are going and if there are any questions we can answer. If you have a specific application in mind and want to know if the SoftHub can meet your requirements, or if you are having any issue with getting your data to your Ubidots dashboard, configuration, installation, etc., definitely let us know in this thread and we’ll be happy to help any way we can.

Hopefully the videos and/or the documentation on our support page gives you a decent idea of how the configuration engine works. If you are interested in a deeper dive (though not really Ubidots specific) we also have a “Developers Crash Course” series on our OmnIoTVideos YouTube channel that goes into the details of a more involved example configuration file. You can check out those video’s out HERE.

Again though, if you have questions just let us know and we’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.


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