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Internet of Bees

Internet of Bees

This is a cellular-connected hive monitor that offers these features:

  • send an instant notification (email, SMS/text, or telegram message) if the hive is moved or knocked over

  • monitor the internal temperature of the hive

  • monitor the external temperature and humidity of the hive

  • low-cost cellular connectivity:

    • LTE CAT-M1 if you are in North America

    • 2G/3G in the rest of the world

  • you can check coverage here
  • option of wifi connectivity (if there is wifi coverage where you intend to place the device)

  • battery operated - solar panel being tested

  • Ubidots dashboard and charts

  • highly configurable

Do you prefer a video description? Here is Ian at Electromaker:

Many thanks to @omgbees

Thank you for sharing @gusgonnet! It is a nice coincidence that we made a post a while back on “Saving the Bees with IoT”. Your project will be a great addition to the article.