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iOS help recommended browser


I have setup my device and dashboard using a mixture of iPad and iPhone although the website does not seem quite optimised for iOS. One thing I an struggling with and have found no solution is deleting widgets. I have tried iPad, iPhone and safari and Firefox on both but no joy. On iPhone I can click the three dots in the top right but I only get a partial menu and no delete. On iPad I cannot even click/select the 3 dots.

Is there a recommended browser or app?

Any help would be appreciated



Hi @john_adamson999

This is expected from the web app when seen from a mobile browser. Regardless of the OS, be it iOS or Android, editing or deleting a widget ins’t an action performable from a mobile web browser.
These 2 actions need to be done from a PC.


Hi David,

Thank you for your response. Is there an app or anything in the pipeline to improve comparability with mobile devices? I only have access to a PC at work with my personal devices all being phones and tablets

Thanks for your help