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Is the device type query param available for bulk data upload

Hi there,

Can you please confirm whether it is possible to use the device_type query param with the bulk data upload. There’s no mention of it in the docs.


Hello @huntchr ,

Why do you want to use the device_type query param in that endpoint? What I mean to ask is, what is your end goal?

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Thanks for replying. I can supply the device type query param when uploading a single data item as per the docs, so I was wondering if I can supply it for the bulk api also. The use case is the same; I want to leverage device types.

Hey @huntchr,

Thank you very much for providing us with such clear explanation. It definitely makes sense to have the ability to use the type query param across all data ingestion endpoints.
With this in mind, I wanted to confirm that said query param is indeed supported in the Device bulk values endpoint. We have updated the Docs accordingly to reflect this option.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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