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Is there any method for scheduling request?

I want to implement the ability to power on and off at specific times.

I could send a request message at a scheduled time by application, but I thought It would be better that API supports this feature.

Please help me.

Greetings @Sean,

Right now events don’t support time scheduled, you should implement a NTP server in your devices if you need to trigger events at a certain time at the day.


It would have been great if Ubidots events incorporated time as triggers. This would have solved the huge issue of scheduling.

I’m now playing around with Strega’s custom widget, with this (and a lot of customising) you should be able to manipulate variables with trigger times, which your device could download to create a duplicate schedule on your device.

The problem with this widget is that that you end up with a HUGE amount of data to download to your iot device, and when doing scheduling for 25 seperate valves, all from one iot device, the data to download and parse becomes ridiculously large.

Alternatively Ubidots will develop a custom widget for you to do this, I was recently quoted around $1,000 for this. Outside my budget so I have to figure it out another way.

Having simple days / times as triggers in their events would be a global fix with no need to learn java, which I now have to do - and takes time away from my hardware development.

PS - @jotathebest, to create an NTP server in our devices still leaves the challenge of how to manipulate the schedule remotely. Setting up the schedule on a device is not a problem, but not needing physical access to the device is the whole idea of iot.

Greetings @agrisense, thanks for your message, I will add your suggestion to our feature requests list for future releases.

An alternative solution with hardware may be implemented using a simple RTC in your devices, in this way you can set a time based interruption to trigger your event.

All the best

Hi @jotathebest,

I use RTC in my devices. And I can program a schedule into the device with its touch screen. But the whole idea of IOT is being able to manipulate all workings of a device remotely, and this is why a scheduler is so badly needed from the interface (Ubidots) side.

It does not help much if you have a device 300km away, and you need to change the schedule on the actual device. Having a scheduler as one of your standard widgets is really a very apparent feature which I’m surprised you don’t have.

Greetings @agrisense, thanks for your feedback. I have just added your comments to our backlog.

If any advance in this feature comes in, I will let you know.

All the best

Hi @jotathebest - I’m just curious if this solution is something that could potentially be included as a standard function before the end of this year?

Hi there @agrisense, actually we have for the rest of the year only planned key features, customer features like this one are analyzed and planned based on quarters, actually is not planned but it may be included in the next months. If any news arise, I will let you know.

All the best

Hi Sean, did you ever find a solution for your scheduling needs? This thread is marked as “solved” but no solution has been mentioned here.