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iSpindel data update issues

Hello, I’ve finally managed to link an iSpindel device to my Ubidots stem account. Created a dashboard and some widgets showing gravity, temp, tilt and battery level. All the records shown were fine when I set it up but, despite the device is set to send data every 15 minutes, they don’t get updated. Am I doing something silly?

Hello @FIL

Thanks for sharing your question with the community!

In order to help you:

  1. I share below the guide to connect the iSpindel with Ubidots so that you can verify that you are following the steps correctly.


  1. Could you tell us please what version of the Firmware are you using? since the guide that I previously shared with you is for version 6.2. However, we have heard of users who use other versions and have been able to connect successfully with this guide.

  2. Please verify the connection of the device with the cloud to rule out that it is due to connection problems.

I’ll be attentive to your response.

All the best