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iSpindel stops logging each day

I have an iSpindel which records the specific gravity of beer as it ferments. It records six variables to my STEM account. But logging stops part way through each day. I understand I can use 4,000 dots per day. Mt gadget uploads every 15 minutes so I thought that would be 6 x 4 x 24 dots = 576.
Do I need to count what I receive back such as a graph with only two variables?

There is a usage page under your personal profile. You could check that to see what your numbers really are. It sounds like you should be ok.

Yes, I am aware of that. I think I was using a lot when I was trying, repeatedly, to get some synthetic variable expressions working. Consumption has settled down now and is well within the limits. But thanks for your comment.

Hi @kelper,

I hope all is well.

We review the dots usage from your account and you haven’t reached out to the daily dots quota recently, so you should be able to send data without any problem. We will be attentive if you need further assistance.

All the best,

I think I’m having a similar problem,STEM account, the Ispindel device, to upload every 15 minutes, to get something like the 576 dots kelper is getting. When I was setting the hardware I create another device (that I already deleted) maybe this could be the problem? Also tried to add a nem data widget, tried to set a synthetic variable but couldt do it like I wanna

apparently I’m having problem with Dots ou, (I couldn’t understand exactly what it is)
this is my usage data

fots in
Day 26 27 28 29
Dots 522 582 600 534

Day] 26 27 28 29
Dots Out (API) 7,912 29,623 50,604 50,716

So, I don’t understand why there i so much dots on a single day, are they somewhat cumulative? whats is causing this high number?


Ironically, trying to get Ubidots and iSpindel working together means that you keep downloading and uploading dots! When you look at profile…usage, it only shows you yesterday and before. I can only suggest you stop trying and leave it a day or two. The synthetic variables can only use plus, minus, divide or multiply if, like me, you have a STEM account. Each day you can send 4,000 dots and receive 50,000. Now that I have figured it out, I send about 400 and receive about 4,000.

So whats are the 50.000 dots I’m receiving for the last 2 days? why I received so much less on the first 2 days? I’m using it to control fermentation, 15 minutes like you, but why I’m receiving 12x more dots than you? I thinj I did something wrong on the way, but I can’t figure what. Can it be because I added more widgets/graphs/tables?

Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions, its a imperial stout 22 plato that caused me a lot of work, hehehe

other thing, on the first day it stoped, it stoped around 22h, the second day stopped around 20h, today stopped around 12h, so I’m guessing I get the quota way before th day ends and when it get back, it gets and count all that dots acumulated when it was “offline”

Try deleting all but four widgets. I have a dual axis graph for Gravity and Temp and a second for Battery and RSSI. That should reduce the number of dots received.

since last post I added a synthetic and a widget for SG measure and deleted 2 widgets
I have a dual axis (temp X gravity), temp, gravity, SG, Battery,and 2 tables that I change the period and spam, my guess is that if you put a tabble ubidots will count all the dots that was already in there plus the new ones… Already got me a 6.478 dots out (synthetic variable) :frowning: …Lets see if this solve something, if not, Guess I’m gonna have to stay only with few widgets or change to chanother site/app that Ispindell support, or maybe some local server or something (this would take some time since I’m tryung to fly in the dark with these things.
Saw some other post you participate, I figure a simple for calculating SG, but got sad about the impossibility for STEM account couldn’t put a wifget for %ABV…

What is your synthetic variable? Please show the expression used.