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Issues with using POST example


All new to this IOT and having a small issue. I have a Flip&Click board with a WIFI unit. I used the example from here https://help.ubidots.com/en/articles/1211812-design-iot-solutions-using-python-and-zerynth suitably modified for my hardware.

Set up ubidots device but am unsure what value I should use for the token, is it the one from the variable value (called “TempValue” or from the Device - set up as “Flip”?

Doesn’t seem to matter which I use I get the error as in the attached image. It happily connects into my WIFI, appears to send the data which doesn’t show in the ubidots webpage, the TempValue unit just reports “No Last Activity”.




OK, searched a bit longer and found document advising to use the token from ubidots My Profile and API Credentials which I have used thinking this would solve it but got the same result.



Hi there, to give you further assistance please share the server response code, a single screenshot is not enough to know where your error is. Said this, the only thing that comes to my mind now is related with your data JSON, both variable label and value key should be closed by double quotes:

{"Temperature": {"value": 50}}

You can reference several examples at our docs to get started, I advise you to begin there and once you understand the basics about HTTP requests try to send data from your device.

All the best