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It won't let me log in to the app

The app doesn’t work, I enter my username and password and it doesn’t log in. (Android 11) my user is: MateoDiMarco

Hello, @MateoDiMarco

I recommend you use the web app by accessing your STEM account on your mobile phone and verify that it is responsive enough to adapt to your phone’s screen. This will allow you to utilize STEM on your mobile device while we investigate the problem pertaining to access to the Ubidots mobile app.

Kind regards,


I have the same problem. I get a authentication error trying to login with the new android app (Ubidots IoT).
I can login fine using my browser on my desktop but not with the app.
I can also login on a different phone using the old mobile app that I installed a couple of years ago.

There are other problems with the new app, like the logon screen defaults to uppercase, but I’ll leave that to another post.

Hello @jcolema1,

I replied to you in the other post. Please follow it.