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iTilt Beer Fermentation Monitoring

I am building a digital hydrometer to monitor beer fermentation (similar to the iSpindel, tilt, rapt pill). It is a ESP32 with a mpu6050 accelero-gyro. The device is inserted in a PET Preform in your beer. As sugars ferments into alcohol the gravity (density) of the beer will reduce and the tilt angle of the device will reduce. This angle is monitored with the accelero-gyro and transformed into gravity with a statistical model. Data is send to ubidots every every 15 minutes.

Data send include temperature, tilt, gravity, alcohol by volume etc.

To save battery power, the ESP32 hibernation mode is used when it does not send data to the cloud.

The project is work in progress.


Hi @grompot,

Thank you for sharing your project with our community. We hope that as time passes, it progresses into a matured beer brewing device.

Reading through the Github repository we couldn’t stop noticing that, while there are references to Ubidots suggesting it is supported, there are not instructions. It would be ideal to see that level of detail, since you’re sharing the project in this community forum. Probably many users here would be keen to giving it a try and send the data to their Ubidots accounts.

We wish you the best moving forward with your project.