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LGT92 and v3 of TTN

I had my LGT92 GPS working with perfectly with Ubidots on V2 of TTN. I have since deleted the app on v2 and recreated it in v3. I no longer get the position variable.

Here is the decoder.
var position;
return {
position: {“value”:1, “context”:{“lat”: latitude, “lng”: longitude}},
Latitude: latitude,
Longitude: longitude,

Here is what the output looks like in v3 TTN

“decoded_payload”: {
“ALARM_status”: “FALSE”,
“Altitude”: 0,
“BatV”: 4.036,
“FW”: 162,
“HDOP”: null,
“LON”: “ON”,
“Latitude”: 51.176432,
“Longitude”: -115.563465,
“MD”: “Disable”,
“Pitch”: 0,
“Roll”: 0,
“position”: {
“context”: {
“lat”: 51.176432,
“lng”: -115.563465
“value”: 1

Everything shows up in Ubidots except the position variable.


Hello @RockiesIOT

Given the multiples tickets you’ve opened in regards to the same topic, I’ll only reply to the one below. Please follow the steps there in

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