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Limits on data extraction

I get this message often:-

You’ve reached your daily quota of data extraction. You’ve retrieved 51191/50000 dots today. Learn more about Ubidots STEM limits.

So I understand there is a limit on data extraction. However, I have set the dashboard to show the last 24 hours of data and Realtime enabled. I would have thought that the this would automatically update and show the last 24 hours from the current time. But this does not always work properly and typically the only way to get it kickstarted into doing what I expect it to do is to request last 24 hours and re-enable Realtime, or sometimes refresh the page. This results in further data extraction and goes over the limit.

What is the fix to ensure that the graph will smoothly remain updated and not exceed the limit? I only upload ~3000 values a day so it should be able to cope with a rolling 24 hours.


Update:- I managed to see one graph this morning. Went to update it and got the above warning again. Frankly, it is not usable like this and there needs to be a more manageable solution. I await a response.

Hello @ranny,

Thanks for sharing your question with the community.

Now, I’ll try to replicate the issue with the real-time engine as it should keep updating data as it arrives, that way, as you already said, avoiding to consume additional dots-out.

Following up, in order to not affect your operation, we’re going to increase your daily quota of dots out to 500,000. To that end, can you please confirm the username of your STEM account?

Ranny is account

Thanks for confirming Ranny.

I already went ahead and extended your daily dot out quota to 500,000.


Thanks for extending my daily data allowance. However, I got a message yesterday that I had downloaded 501000 pieces of data in the morning when that would not have been possible. So, since I don’t need to keep all of my data for long, I deleted everything so I could start fresh today. I just tried to sign into the account and it says I have downloaded 501000 dots already. That’s impossible because there aren’t 500k pieces of data. So something has gone wrong again. Can you review please?