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Lost/Forgotten Username

I don’t remember the username that I used when I signed up to Ubidots. To log in I need to use that username.
I can reset may account password using my email address, but none of the emails mention my username, nor is there any way that I can see to find out what my username is.

Is there any way to reset my username, or find out what it was?

Hello @JacobH,

Filtering our reset email logs by your email address, I can see that you did received it. In it, you’ll find a line at the end (marked below in a red rectangle) where we remind you your account username. This is a screenshot of the plain text you should have received

In your case, the username is the same as the email address used to create the account.

Let me know if you can access the account.


Thank you for getting back to me. I can now log in using my email address as my username.

Interesting though that the log in page explicitly states to use your ‘username’ and not your email address. In this case maybe I just put my email as my username.
Perhaps a ‘I forgot my username’ button could also be added to the log in page to assist others in future?

@JacobH Yes, that’s the case, you used your email address as your username.

I’ll pass your suggestion to the team.