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Make the Switch momentary

creating a widget switch it’s possible to make that only momentary, only switch on when clicking the button and
stay off in normal possition?

Hello @jota. You could try using an event to do that.
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Thanks @jota, adding this to the Feature Requests list. We could add an option to set it to “button” type, following this definition:

A “switch” is a binary device with an “on” and “off” position.
A “button” is a binary device with a momentary “on” position, reverting to an “off” position.

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what ever happened to this? having a button that does not have to be reset would be very helpful, and of course reduce traffic in both directions.
ps: marking this as “Solved” makes it look like it has been fixed, but as near as I can tell, it never was implemented.

Hello @wbp,

Currently, we do not have a plug-n-play option to configure a momentary switch, however, you can configure one by using the event engine having in mind that the minimum time to change the state would be 1 minute.

To do this, you must set up an event associated with the switch variable to trigger it’s value to 0 once the value 1 has been active for a specified time.

If “switch” is equal to “1” by “1” minute, trigger “Set variable switch” to “0”.

Another option is to implement a routine in the firmware that takes care of sending both values within the desired time interval.

With respect to the ticket status, I can say that it was marked as solved a few years ago because the expected behavior can be done using the event engine. However, that shouldn’t be the state assigned. Thank you for your note.

Maria H.