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Map Widget - Mobile Functionality


I am testing out the map widget and I have it set to display information on a hover and also a click. This works well on the PC but on the mobile browser (iOS) the color logic for a pin appears to work, but there is no response to tapping or holding on a pin. Any suggestions?

Hi there, I have tried to reproduce the issue reported by you, but at my side the tap action seems to work properly using Chrome and Safari:


do you have already set a click action in the widget?

Hello @Backpacker87,

I just made a test using Chrome as a browser and everything works perfectly on both the computer and the mobile. I get a response from both hovering and clicking. However, I made a test using Safari (mobile) as a browser but no response is obtained.

I’m going to pass this information to the technical team to review the behavior in more detail. I’ll keep you updated!

Maria H.

Here is a screen grab of my current settings:


I double checked and I am not getting any response via brower for iOS.

Thank you for the settings provided. We’ll be running some tests on our side and will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Maria H.

Hi there, I run the Safari tests using the responsive version in desktop, it seems that with the native mobile version the issue arises. We will be looking deeper the problem, once we get an update from the dev team about a solving patch we will come back with your.

All the best

Hi @jotathebest, I wanted to follow up and see if you all were able to figure anything out regarding this widget issue.

Our technical team will be reviewing the behavior presented in the next few weekdays. I’ll keep you updated on the status of the revision.

Maria H.

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I wanted to revisit this as it appears the issue still exist (tested it again this morning). If we can get this working it would allow me a awesome feature for my users. Any luck with a fix?


Hi @Backpacker87,

Thank you for letting us know that this behavior is still happening. Allow me to review the case and investigate which is the status of the solution. Please receive our apologies for not update you properly.