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Map Widget Visual not loading data for Device

Hey everyone!

I’ve setup a dashboard that contains a map visual and unforunately its not loading any of the device sensor data when im clicking on an item. When im logged into the dashboard designer and click the icon it loads fine, but as soon as I do it either as a 3rd party or incoginto browser, it wont load at all. Any suggestions as to why?


Hello dear user,

Upon reviewing the problem you mentioned, please note that the pop-up modal to show variables on map widget does not currently work on public dashboards. However, we will discuss this matter internally to consider its implementation.

The reason it doesn’t work on public dashboards is that the pop-up requires a session, and since users don’t log in to access public dashboards, this functionality is not available in that context.

Best regards,



So Ubidots got back to me and fixed the bug - Its working now.