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Maximal ubidots.add in particle board

i have a particle board which i use to send data to the ubidots cloud.
I am using the Ubidots.h to do so.
How many ubidots.add() lines can i add to a ubidots.send()?
So whats the maximum variables i can send in one ubidots.send()?


Hi @pydro2020,

Thanks for sharing your question with the community.

Following up, although there’s not a max variable limit, you must consider that the max payload size is 700 bytes. If exceeded the limit, then is highly probable that your message will be cut off, hence some of your data get lost.

Should you want further information you can refer to our repository.


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@pydro2020, I send lots of data to Ubidots, but I break it up into chunks of data that are related. In my case, I typically send 12 temperatures in one upload and then 12 digital inputs in another upload. I repeat this process as often as every minute, but I also have dead banding implemented in order to reduce redundant information.

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