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Microchip PIC32 C Lib for ubidots


I developed several IOT devices in the past based on Microchip PIC32MX with Ethernet, GPS, SD-Card, and Wifi interface.
Where do I find udidots C libs for Microchip Harmony framework and for the old MLA TCP/IP stack?

I would like to start attaching udidots cloud connectivity to my Microchip PIC32MX Ethernet based devices for fuel cell remote control.

Looking forward to any feedback

Hi Janus, we had written two examples; one [for the WCM board][1] and another one for a [custom PIC32 + WiFi board][2]. The latter one has a tutorial in spanish but I guess you can use google translate as most things are technical language: http://ubidots.com/docs/es/devices/smartStickWiFi.html

Let us know if these are useful.

We could work on an Ethernet and a WiFi library. Can you point us the right boards that we can use to develop this example? this one seems good for Ethernet: http://www.microchip.com/Developmenttools/ProductDetails.aspx?PartNO=DM320004-2
About WiFi, which module do you use? the RN131/171 or MRF24WG0MA?

Thanks, Agustin
[1]: http://community.ubidots.com/t/microchip-pic32-c-lib-for-ubidots/304
[2]: http://info.ubidots.com/hs-fs/hub/329717/file-2152606305-rar/Demo_App_SmartStick_Ubidots-1.rar

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