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Mobile Application for Ubidots App Users

Any chance there could be a mobile app for iPhones and Android or to make the Ubidots Apps mobile responsive?


Hi @chipmc.

Thank you for sharing your question with the community. While we do have this feature in our roadmap, I can’t speak to the exact timeline of when we will be releasing give the complexity of the task.

Now, some of the modules are responsive to mobile browsers. Could you let me know in which modules are you finding difficult to navigate using the mobile browser? In the meantime, I’ll be sure to reach out to you if anything changes about this or if we start to work on it.

Please let me if know there’s anything else that I can help with.

Have a nice day,

@isalogi ,

Thanks for the response and I am glad this is on your list of potential improvements.

Here are the parts that are challenging when I use the Ubidots App today:

  1. Any and all lists. If I have more than a few devices, rules or dashboards it is hard to search that list. Also, if the names of the devices are longer than the small space allowed, it is impossible to see the full name - even if you switch the orientation of the phone from portrait to landscape.

  2. Dates / times - While a full time / date label is good on the PC, it often makes it hard to read on the phone

  3. graphs / table widget focus. On a small screen, it would be nice to “focus” or go full screen on a widget and then come back out to the dashboard view.

You are correct that many dashboard widgets work well on the phone such as metrics or buttons so these items would simply continue the work you have already done.

I can provide screen shots if that would help,



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Hi @chipmc,

Thank you for your response and the detailed explanation of which modules and entities are difficult to use on a mobile browser. I will pass along your feedback to our product development team, and I will let you know as soon as I have an update. We hope to improve the experience using Ubidots on mobile browsers.

All the best,

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