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MQTT connection with Shelly H&T Plus temperature sensor

Has anyone an idea how to get this connection done?
Client: Shelly H&T plus (temp. sensor), FW 0.14.1

The device is shown in the devices page, but “last activity” says “No las activity”.
So Token and connection should be okay. Is there an issue with the path?
In documentation (https://shelly-api-docs.shelly.cloud/gen2/ComponentsAndServices/Mqtt) there is written:
Status updates: the entire status payload of components is published on <topic_prefix>/status/<component:id>

Hello Philip,

I hope this message finds you well.

To configure MQTT settings, you’ll need to replace the MQTT Prefix, which we commonly refer to as the topic. Please refer to the article below for the accurate topic configuration details.

Ubidots MQTT Broker | Ubidots Help Center